Scope and topics

NUTECH covers wide range of topics that are related to different uses of nuclear technologies, ranging from nuclear energy to nuclear medicine and whole spectrum of industrial applications of nuclear techniques.

The conference covers topics such as:

  • current status of nuclear energy
  • the role of nuclear power in energy transition
  • reactor safety
  • new reactor technologies
  • research reactors
  • production of radiopharmaceuticals
  • nuclear medicine
  • radiation protection
  • radiation processing of materials
  • radiation sterilization and health care products development
  • food irradiation
  • industrial application of the nuclear techniques
  • environmental application of the nuclear techniques
  • radiation technologies in environmental and earth studies applications
  • nuclear technologies in protection and identification of cultural heritage
  • radiation measurements, data processing and acquisition
  • radiation sources
  • radiobiology
  • quality control and assurance in nuclear technologies
  • management of nuclear wastes
  • other topics related to nuclear and radiation related sciences