Publication Opportunity

Book of abstracts

A book of abstracts will be published on the conference website.

Conference proceedings

The conference proceedings in the form of an e-book will be published after the conference. All conference attendees are invited to contribute a chapter.

All manuscripts should have a minimum length of four pages and a maximum length of eight pages, including tables figures, and/or appendices.

Please download the template provided below and prepare the manuscript according to the requirements described in the file.

All manuscripts should be submitted electronically to in .docx format.

Nukleonika International Journal of Nuclear Research

Participants are invited to publish an original article in the Nukleonika Journal (

Publication acceptance for the Nukleonika Journal it has already begun and that articles that pass a positive review will be released. Authors have a deadline of November 15 to submit articles.

If you are interested in publishing your research in the Nukleonika journal, you should send the manuscript to Guest Editors: Dagmara Chmielewska-Śmietanko (, Urszula Gryczka (, Marcin Stobiński (

Selected papers will be published without fees.

The manuscripts for publication should be prepared according to the requirements of the journal and gain positive revisions.